To the glory of God, we happily present this maiden edition of the IMT International Journal of the Arts and Sciences (IJOTAS) to the academic community, professional world, and reading public. The IJOTAS is a blind/peer-reviewed multidisciplinary international journal. In two versions, electronic and print, the journal primarily seeks to create a window for academics and professionals from a wide-range of disciplines to make public their original researches and strong opinions, for the dissemination of knowledge and the application of same in the overall growth and development of the individual and society in Nigeria and the world at large. Papers were accepted from scholars and professionals in the broad areas of education; arts, language & communication; management, business and financial studies; law, leadership and social sciences; and engineering, health, pure and applied sciences. Hence the journal is an assemblage of knowledge and helps to facilitate greater communication between scholars and professionals from the different walks of life.

Guided by the multi-disciplinary nature of the Journal, the Editorial Board is made up of seasoned and distinguished academics with bias in various disciplines and in different fields of human endeavour. These editors worked tirelessly to make this maiden edition a reality.

The published articles include: Re-Defining the Arts and Sciences for Functional Education in the 21st Century; Impact of ICT on Educational Information Management: The Education Management Information System in Enugu State; Improvisation of Instructional Materials for the Functional Teaching/ Learning of Mathematics in Enugu North LGA in the 21st Century; Effective Instructional Delivery of Entrepreneurship Education by Secondary School Teachers in Nigeria; Towards Improving the Teaching, Learning and Research Support Roles of Polytechnic Libraries in Nigeria; The English Language in a Globalized Economy; Digital Technologies and Print Production Workers in Nigeria: A Survey of The Sun And The Trust Newspapers; Owu, an Igbo Masquerade: Teaching Culture, Aiming at Social Integration and Exposing Global Issues; Analysis of Media-Use Patterns of Male and Female Academics of some Universities in Enugu State; Emerging Challenges in Information-Seeking Behaviour of Users of Academic Libraries in Nigeria; Outsourcing Strategies for Organizational Effectiveness: A Study of Selected New Generation Banks in Asaba Town; Functional Cooperative Education as a Vehicle for Achieving Self-Employment, Self-Reliance and Economic Emancipation; Forensic Accounting as a Veritable Tool for Detection of Fraud and its Prevention in Nigeria; Impact of Environmental Accounting and Reporting on Sustainability Development in Nigerian Economy; Waste Generation and Control in Enugu State: A Case Study of Enugu-City, Nigeria; Spent Engine Lubricating Oil Recycling Plant in Nigeria: Prospects and Challenges.

It is hoped that the academic community, the professional world, the general reading public and, most especially, the IMT community, shall find the articles herein educating and inspiring and, as a corollary, veritable sources for further inquiries and continuous expansion of knowledge.

Accordingly, you are encouraged to invest by buying and reading this enriching journal of ours.

Thank you!

Professor Austin U. Nweze, PhD [Nig], FCA, FCTI, JP

Rector, Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, &

General Editor, IMT IJOTAS