All articles submitted for publication should be written in English Language and must not have been published elsewhere – it must be original. Articles should not exceed 14 pages, including Abstracts and References. The title must not exceed 21 words, and abstracts not more than 250 words. Keywords (not more than 5) used in the article must be highlighted.

All articles should be typed on double line spacing and on one side of A4 paper. They should be on 12 point font size, typed in Times New Roman. Each article should bear the author’s name, rank and affiliations with functional e-mail address and GSM phone number. All pages must be numbered sequentially at the bottom.

Journal Section/ Field

All articles should be categorized under the following journal sections:

  1. Education, Knowledge, and Innovation
  2. Arts, Creativity, Language, and Communication
  3. Management, organizational, and Financial Studies
  4. Law, Politics, Leadership, and Social Sciences
  5. Health Science, Human Capital, and Capacity Building
  6. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)


Paper Sections and Subsections

The titles of the sections and subsections of the paper must be bold and in the title case, only the initial letters of the major words being capitalized. However, numbering the sections/ subsections (for examples, 1.1, 1.1.1) may not be necessary.

Tables and Figures

Because of the confusion in meaning that may arise when tables/figures are being resized, authors are advised to submit tables in the smallest font/ size that will convey the essential information.


All references should conform to the APA style of documentation (6th Edition Guidelines). Only cited text references should be included. About 40% of the citations/ references should be works published not more than 5 years before the time of writing/ publishing the article, to ensure currency and hence validity of information.

Examples of cited references:


Author(s’)’s surname, year, title, place of publication, publisher. Eg:

Asogwa, F. C. (2009), Iraq-Iran crises. London: Prentice-Hall


Author(s’)’s surname, year, title of journal, volume, number, issue number, pagination. Eg:

Nwodo, P. U. (2008). America’s foreign policy: A case study of crises in Iraq. IMT Journal of the Arts and Sciences, 2(1), 28-34.

Internet Sources

Eg: Steve, T. (2014). America. Retrieved September 17, 2009, from

Review of Manuscripts

All submitted manuscripts adhering to the foregoing will be received by the Editorial Board who assigns them to appropriate reviewers for blind reviews (blind here means that the author(s) of the manuscript is(are) usually not revealed to the reviewers). The reviewed manuscript is expected to be returned by the reviewer within ten days from the date of the reviewer’s reception of the manuscript, along with the Reviewer’s Feedback/ Suggestions or Comments on the work. The Editor-in-Chief or Editorial Board, if not satisfied with the Reviewer’s Feedback, asks for a second review from another reviewer, before sending the manuscript and reports to the author. Where necessary, further suggestions for improvement may be given to the author, even after the author’s corrections. Authors should strive to adhere to the Journal’s guidelines as stipulated, and must not delay in making the required corrections and sending back their corrected works, at most, ten days from the day they received their reviewed manuscripts. Unusual delays in the return of a corrected article may cause the author to lose the opportunity of publishing his/her manuscript in the IJOTAS, and IJOTAS shall not be held liable in such a case.

Once an article has been accepted for publication, the author(s) cede(s) the copyright to IMT International Journal of the Arts and Sciences (IJOTAS). However, the author(s) bear(s) full responsibility for any established case of plagiarism.

Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts should be submitted by email to, or to any of the emails of the under-signed or via our website,

Deadlines for the submission of Full Manuscripts:

-Volume 4, 2021 series: August 10, 2020

*Submission of Manuscripts generally is always acceptable; the IJOTAS series are continuous.

Vetting/Logistics Fee: N10,000;


Pay to the

Account Name: IMT IJOTAS,

Account No. 3126284172,

Bank: First Bank


Ugwu Elias (Ph.D) Editor-in-Chief, IJOTAS. Phone: 08038929380, Email:

Emmanuel Ezugwu (Ph.D) Secretary, Editorial Board, IJOTAS.   Phone: 08035088046