VOL. 3, NO 4 (2020)

The Effects of Farmers and Herdsmen Conflicts on the Educational Development of North-Central Geo-political Zone of Nigeria


The herdsmen and farmers clash did not start today; it dates back to the pre-colonial and colonial eras. The origin of the clash would be traced to early Fulani migration, trade and other economic activities. According to Ikokwu (2018) “the issue of Fulani migration has been on for more than 200 years”. Also, Yakassei (2018) observed that “the Fulani who are originally from Yemen and other Middle East countries migrated to North Central Zone during the colonial era because of mining activities”.

Nigeria and the Challenges of Federalism: A Historical Perspective


The essence of a state is to enable the citizenry achieve collective well-being and happiness. The state is, therefore, a means to an end; and the end itself is good life for the citizens. For the state to achieve this desired end there should be a functional symbiotic relationship at the horizontal and vertical levels, between the ruling elite and the ruled, and among the heterogeneous component ethnic groups in the state.

Motivation and Improvement of Organizational Efficiency in Nigerian Public Sector: An Appraisal of Nigeria Immigration Service, Enugu State Command



One thing that is common to all organizations is the fact of existence of a set goal to achieve. Meanwhile some organizations or institutions are primarily geared towards profit-making, while others are primarily established for the purpose of provision of peculiar services which of course, may not be voluntary but also not profit-driven.