VOL. 3, NO 5 (2020)

Visual Art and Role in Communication


The position of visual art in the socio-political economy of the nation, particularly regarding communication, cannot be over emphasized. Visual art as a means of communication influences society at large. In this regard, Dumbadze and Hudson (2013)posit that artists, art historians,critics and theorists seek to complicate the register of aesthetic judgement by linking its formal pronouncements to context, politics and history; yet ‘form’ remains everywhere.

The Nexus between Good Command of English and Social Respectability in the Nigerian Society


Literacy refers to the ability to read and write. The ability to read and write English language accords one a literate status in Nigeria. Apart from attaining a level of mastery of English language through the academic institution, from the primary, secondary to the tertiary level of education, one can also attain proficiency in English language through the undaunted task of applying oneself to studying the language by learning its vocabularies and the rules that govern the acceptable use of the language.

The Effect of Laboratory Teaching Method on Senior Secondary School Students’ Academic Achievement in Inorganic Chemistry


Science is an area of learning in the world today through which the development and progress of any nation are based. It is viewed generally as a systematic study of nature. Bradford (2015) defined science as a systematic and logical approach to discovering how things in the universe work. The knowledge of science has a link with that of technology. Acquisition of scientific and technological knowledge can enhance the development of any nation.